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Hugh Staunton - Trusts Consultant

Hugh StauntonHugh has been a leading solicitor throughout the Midlands ranging from a partner in what was (briefly) the largest law firm in Birmingham to a sole practitioner running a successful niche practice in Leicestershire; latterly as 'County Law' in Lincolnshire. He qualified as a solicitor in 1971 and is a member of STEP (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

Business and Trusts (note: trusts may be created during one's lifetime or by Will)
Hugh's experience has been in business law and also in Trusts, and has acted for various Trusts holding substantial share portfolios in both public and private companies. He understands deeply the problems that can come, especially, with family companies where the need to balance conflicting loyalties can be acute. One solution is to place shares in a trust, and for the Trustees to be independent of the family, but nevertheless trusted. Hugh has been, and continues to be, a trustee of several trusts with important holdings.

The creation of a Trust requires a great deal of thought, and careful drafting, so that the wishes of the Settlor or Testator (the person making the Trust or Will) may be fully realised. There may be significant tax advantages in transferring limited company shares into a Trust, and Hugh will very often work with a tax accountant to ensure that these advantages come to fruition. STEP has published online a series of guides; see: 'What is a Trust'.
We can help you through this process with our sympathetic, yet constructive and straightforward approach.
Hugh also understands that many clients will wish to benefit charities - or put charitable thoughts into good use - at some stage. Setting up a charity may well be complex, and there is significant bureaucracy to comply with before benefiting from charitable status. Regardless of one's wishes however, one was has to bear in mind that the running of a charity is a business venture, like any other, and it must be set up with a profit motive in mind: the difference is, of course, that those profits are then used for charitable purposes.

Hugh's business of 'County Law' has been acquired by Purdys, and we are very pleased that his expertise is now available to our clients.

You can contact Hugh by emailing him at